A Generational Bridge, Everlens.

Have you ever wondered what was the first social network? The immediate thought is of MySpace or Facebook. These choices are partially correct though.

Social media and social networks actually appeared with the emergence of writing. Let’s be more specific, about how they emerged 3000 years ago. This was a time when Greece dominated the world from a cultural point of view.

The most difficult challenge content creators faced then was the lack of institutional backing. There were no publishers. Finding the right audience, reading group or supporters was difficult. The only means of gaining popularity was word of mouth. Which itself was painfully slow.

Things used to circulate in antiquity. A writer wrote something and then shared it with their network of friends and followers. Those folks enjoyed it, passed it on to someone else in their circle who would like it and so on. This is the archaic Twitter equivalent. At that time influencers were the folks who said, “Hey, that’s wonderful.”

This was the premise of social networks as we see them today.

Fast forward to the last decade, digital social networks have drastically evolved. Users now get greater freedom of expression and easier access to the global village. These powerful tools allow you to directly reach millions of people.

With all this recent digital evolution some problems still persist. How can you make your work, art, and content immortal? How can you prove that you actually own it? Especially, when digital platforms sell, monetize, collect and decode your data for profit. Are you actually in control of your content?

Everlens answers these questions by providing an immortalizing platform. It allows you to preserve, own and control your content on the blockchain. Only you should be able to monetize it, and in the way you want.

Who knows what the next big social network is going to be? We started with MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and many others. But these platforms are not going to be around forever, they are just part of a new cycle.

Everlens focuses on Instagram. It allows content to be used and monetized by the owner. It also has the ability to quickly expand to other social networks and adapt to new trends aptly.

Everlens is the generational bridge that can connect the blockchain industry with the social network industry. This is going to be transformational. We have come a long way after all.

We will operate on Cardano, BSC and Solana and our IDO is joining Cardstarter in November.

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Let’s all witness the dawn of decentralization.

Victor Ravier, Founder of Everlens.

Connect your instagram account. Use your publications 🖼 to create, buy and sell NFT easily.

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Connect your instagram account. Use your publications 🖼 to create, buy and sell NFT easily.

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