Community Update — 3 Major Partnerships To Bolster Marketing!

Dear Community, #Everlensers!

With the token launch behind us and the ELEN staking program running smoothly, it’s finally time to reveal more details about what we have been working on behind the scenes. Strap in Everlensers, as today’s update is jam-packed with news items you will not want to miss!

Let’s get you up to speed about the development of our NFT marketplace for Instagram, share details on three major partnerships, and get you extra stoked about our staking program and hint towards what is coming next!

Preparing to officially launch the Everlens NFT marketplace for Instagram!

With a philosophy of product-market fit, time-to-market, and rockstar marketing, our team has been diligently working at building solid foundations for the launch of our Everlens NFT platform. As you know, Everlens is fully committed to delivering a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace that will immediately enable millions of Instagram content creators to monetize their content by seamlessly turning their posts into NFTs.

Our developers have been hard at work, and we are pleased to report that the technical buildout of the platform is advancing at a rapid pace and is on schedule to launch in January!

To ensure the success of our platform, we are not only focused on building the marketplace, but we are also forging partnerships that will propel our brand into the hearts and minds of the Instagram and crypto community. The following three rock-solid agreements will set the tone of what is to come for Everlens!

1. Influencer celebrity Jay Alvarrez joins the Everlens ranks as an ambassador!

Our team is extremely proud to welcome Instagram & Youtube celebrity Jay Alvarrez to our Everlens community as our main ambassador. With a following of close to 7 million Instagrammers and over 1.25 million Youtube subscribers, Jay has built a reputation for delivering stunning audiovisual experiences to his subscribers. His love for photography, video, and music, combined with a passion for adventure, beauty, and adrenaline, are on full display in what can only be described as ‘the art of lifestyle’.

This foundational partnership will showcase how influencers and content creators can unlock the value of their brand and strengthen the relationship with their fans. Jay will closely work together with Everlens and help power our long-term vision for growth. As part of the collaboration, expect some exclusive Jay Alverrez NFTs being minted on the Everlens platform!

About Jay Alvarrez: Born in Hawaii (1995), this American photographer, music producer, and model gained celebrity status through his masterfully crafted audiovisual productions on social media. His popularity has only grown with modeling work on ad campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Bonds swimwear, Ralph Lauren, and Armani Exchange.

2. Publishing deal signed with major crypto newspaper TheBlock!

To further position ourselves and market Everlens to the wider crypto public, we are pleased to announce that TheBlock has become our public relations partner.

With a network of tens of thousands of technologists, financial market participants, and Fortune 500 professionals, TheBlock is — uniquely positioned — to help us grow media awareness about Everlens.

We are confident that this deal with TheBlock will ensure that our content marketing efforts gain maximum exposure in the crypto mainstream media.

3. Everlens partners up with influencer marketing agency Americanoize!

As we are getting ready to show the world how content creators and influencers will be able to leverage the power of NFTs, we could not be more excited about this partnership.

Americanoize is a top influencer marketing agency. Founded by Andrea Angioli and Alessia Moccia, this Miami-based company has built a massive reputation for itself, working together with a long list of prominent brands, magazines, international events, and celebrities.

To name a few — Celebrities: Al Pacino, Ralph Fiennes, Christian Bale, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman, and more. Brands: Hugo Boss, Revlon, L’Oréal, Dolce & Gabbana, American Express, Samsung, and more

This win-win partnership with Americanoize is a match made in heaven for us, as it positions Everlens as the go-to NFT platform for celebrity influencers and brands to start minting exclusive NFTs for their respective communities!

We can not wait to welcome new — Americanoize — influencers onto our NFT platform as the world wakes up to the possibilities in the age of NFT.

ELEN staking update!

Our staking pool on Cyberfi has been successfully running for a couple of weeks now. Based on the feedback of our community we are happy to say that a new staking pool opened on Tuesday. The maximum staking amount for this pool is 150 thousand ELEN tokens! Don’t miss out on the staking rewards!

Behind the scenes — What is next?

With the launch of our NFT marketplace for Instagram inching closer, we want to assure our community that we are doubling down on our marketing efforts. While today’s partnership announcements and deals with Jay Alvarrez, TheBlock, and Americanoize are fantastic, they are only the beginning!

We are in ongoing talks with an influencer across the world, and one of our strategic partners is pulling the necessary strings to onboard top Asian influencers.

All-in-all, the immediate future is bright for Everlens, and we want to thank our community once more for being on this journey with us.

If you haven’t already, join our growing Everlens community!

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