Content Creators Are King In 2022 — Everlens Features Painting Artist — Guillaume Dillee

Dear Community, #Everlensers!

As everyone is gearing up to end this year on a high note and enjoy some quality time with friends and family — at Everlens — we continue to build for what comes next! We feel it is time to declare that content creators will be king in 2022!

Our upcoming January release of the Everlens NFT marketplace for Instagram will set the tone. Millions of creators will be able to seamlessly turn their posts into NFTs and help create an entirely new ecosystem of community building and income-generating opportunities.

Today we are glad to feature a talented creator that has decided to do just that! Painting Artist, Guillaume Dillee, has chosen the Everlens NFT platform to launch his own exclusive NFTs.

After studying art in Paris and passionately exploring contemporary art in all of its expressions for many years, Guillaume eventually fell in love with the paintbrush himself, never looking back. Now living in Melbourne, Australia, this painter, and d Art Consultant dedicates his life to expressing the beauty and diversity he finds in Australia’s culture, nature, and society. A world of fusion is born through his unique artwork, and we are impatiently awaiting how NFT and blockchain will allow Guillaume to extend his reach, build his community and monetize his creative efforts!

We are extremely encouraged and thankful to see the grassroots demand for an easy-to-use NFT marketplace from artists like Guillaume Dillee. We believe many will follow in his footsteps, eager to embrace the power of NFTs and what our Everlens marketplace has to offer. Content is due for a comeback!

More information about Guilaume Dillee @

Content Creators Will Be King In 2022 on the Everlens NFT marketplace

Not only will our upcoming platform be home to some of the biggest social media influencers, but all content creators will be able to thrive with the Everlens NFT marketplace.

The ability for painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, writers, etc…, to immortalize their legacy and earn a living — at the same time -, is game-changing!

With this in mind, Everlens actively targets the millions of dormant artists and content creators worldwide who are -currently- forced to think of their art or activity as a hobby.

From exclusive content to digital art, perpetual royalties, transferable VIP access, and more, NFTs allow these content creators to bond with their communities and monetize their brands.

January is close by, and we cannot wait to open up the doors to our Nft marketplace for Instagram! Happy holidays to all Everlensers, and get ready to spread the word!

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