Everlens is partnering with Ledgity.

With the development of cryptos assets and the blockchain technology, many investment opportunities have arisen. NFT is one of them. It can be a game-changer in the democratization of art investing.

We are pleased to announce this partnership with Everlens. Ledgity and Everlens share the same vision of democratizing art and content investing.

Ledgity is building the next generation of financial services platform in order to shape the future of wealth management. Relying on a network of thousands of financial advisors, we aim to become the first digital private bank with a decentralized network of financial advisors.

“In the context of wealth management, many HNWI already diversify their wealth with art. Tomorrow they will do the same with NFT. The purpose of this partnership is to create synergies between Everlens’ marketplace and Ledgity financial distribution platform to widen the scope of investment opportunities ,” says Ledgity’s CEO Pierre-Yves Dittlot.

“Everlens mission is to become accessible to everyone and reach as many people as it can. I believe a partnership with Ledgity will help us acquire new users and diversify our community,” says Everlens’ CEO Victor Ravier.

About Everlens

Instagram today is a centralized platform where users post their content and profits are taken by the parent company, Meta (Facebook). Everlens looks to challenge that status quo by empowering every Instagram user to monetize their own content and turn their posts into NFTs. Influencers can increase their community engagement as followers are now equipped to own unique content of their favorite posts. Followers will be able to support their influencers by sponsoring their posts and curating NFT collections of popular artists.

Everlens simplifies the process of turning an Instagram post into an NFT and makes it accessible to all. The platform will operate on Cardano, BSC, and Solana chains in order to reduce transaction fees and make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Everlens holders will be empowered through access to a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) governance framework to vote on proposals of interest to the community. These topics include: new social network integrations (in addition to Instagram), sale transactions, fees modifications, distribution of net revenues, reward allocation towards yield farming and liquidity mining.

Everlens is the perfect solution for content creators who want to engage their community to a whole new level, monetize content and focus on the quality of their content instead of ads, and control the way they distribute their work. Everlens is also a tool for buyers to support their favorite content creators and own one of their works, sponsor the work of an artist, and donate to charities or good affiliate causes.

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About Ledgity

Ledgity, the next-generation financial services platform for clients and financial advisors built on Cardano. Ledgity redesigns wealth management through an intuitive, secure and transparent digital solution, opening new investment horizons with the best of the on-chain and off-chain world. With a large community of independent financial advisors, Ledgity provides thousands of high net worth individuals the opportunity to access new investment solutions: tokenized assets, Defi, NFT.

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