Introducing Everlens! An NFT approach, Part 2

We have established in the opening story how art has evolved over time. The recent digitalization of our society brought new opportunities for content creators who are now able to share their work with the world much faster. Platforms like Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok have known exponential growth in the last decade allowing anyone to create content and make a living out of it. We are living in the age platform revolution. The premise for the future of technology has been laid and laden with many problems it promises a vast potential for improvement.

With the emergence of such companies, people quickly started to face a problem of content distribution who only partially or not at all control the way they distribute their art/content.

Decentralized technology like smart contracts seems to provide an interesting solution with Non-Fungible Tokens.

What is an NFT? A Non Fungible Token is a unique and digital asset known to be irreplaceable. Meaning if you trade it against another asset you will never get the same asset in return. An artist could literally turn any of his content into an NFT and sell it to anyone who wishes to buy it.

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NFT seems to be a good opportunity for content creators to finally distribute their work the way they want it. They only need an optimized tool to do it.

Introducing Everlens

Everlens provides an instrument to any content creator who wishes to sell pictures.

How is it going to work?

In order to sell content, the content seller will have to Sign Up on the platform using Instagram. 📄

The buyers will be able to purchase art from the range of pictures up for sale from all the content sellers. 🖼️

Any seller can create the first NFT by simply clicking on the Create icon. They will then choose a picture from the Instagram account, set a title, a minimum bid, a description, and create the post. The picture will be converted into an NFT and anyone will have the opportunity to buy it on 💸

We tried to simplify the process of NFT creation making it understandable and accessible to anyone.✔️ In a truly decentralized way.

In the future buyers will also have the opportunity to bid on any pictures available on Instagram and initiate the art collection process themselves.

Everlens is a perfect solution for content creators who want to:

  • Engage the community to a whole new level.
  • Monetize content and focus on the quality of their content instead of ads.
  • Control the way they distribute their work.

Everlens is also an interesting tool for buyers to:

  • Support their favorite content creators and own one of their works.
  • Sponsor the work of an artist.
  • Donate to charities or good affiliate causes.

Everlens Beta is currently being developed and will be available to the public soon. Until then I recommend you keep in touch with the project on:

● Twitter Everlensio.

● Telegram

My team and I are available anytime if you have questions.


Founder & Team Everlens

Connect your instagram account. Use your publications 🖼 to create, buy and sell NFT easily.