Post IDO Community Update — Getting Ready For The ELEN Token Listing!

Dear Community, #Everlensers!

After having concluded a successful and oversubscribed IDO funding round (Initial DEX Offering) via Cardstarter, the Everlens team would like to welcome all current and future ELEN stakeholders to our growing Everlens community and ecosystem!

We are truly grateful and excited for you to join us on our journey! Together we will transform social media monetization models, one NFT at a time!

As we are getting ready to launch the ELEN token later today, we’d like to share information regarding our upcoming DEX listing and the token distribution!

Listing Information

DEX — Decentralized Exchange

  • ELEN token, initially issued as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • ELEN will be listed later today, November 23rd, on PancakeSwap, around 18H00 UTC. (Liquidity pair: ELEN/BUSD)
  • IMPORTANT! Don’t purchase any tokens on PancakeSwap before our team publishes the official token contract address on the official Everlens social media channels!

Price-tracking & Charts

Look out for the ELEN token listings on Coinmarketcap within the first few days after the PancakeSwap listing!

Token Distribution for IDO participants

All the IDO participants will receive the unlocked portion of ELEN tokens airdropped into their Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) wallet address before the PancakeSwap listing. So, there is no need to claim the tokens, and all costs involved with this airdrop are taken care of by Everlens.

Your Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) wallet address is the same as the ETH Wallet you provided for the CardStarter registration! You can easily verify that your tokens have been airdropped by searching your wallet address on

Everlens Token Allocation Details

The maximum token supply for the Everlens -ELEN- utility token is 1.5 Billion. The token distribution breakdown is as follows:

  • IDO: 3.56%
  • Development and Marketing Fund: 15.33%
  • Liquidity Pool: 13.33%
  • Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining: 22.44%
  • Seed Investors: 13.33%
  • Private Sale: 13.33%
  • Team and advisors: 18.67%

The vesting schedule for all stakeholders

To align the interests of all stakeholders within the Everlens ecosystem, the Everlens team has carefully crafted a vesting and distribution schedule designed to ensure the gradual token release over time.

  • IDO participants:
  • 50% released at TGE (Token Generation Event), then 50% after a 1-month vesting period
  • Development and Marketing Fund:
  • 8-month cliff, followed by linear release over 16 months
  • Liquidity Pool: 13.33%
  • 30% release at TGE
  • Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining:
  • 24-month linear release
  • Seed Investors: 13.33%
  • 2-month cliff, followed by linear release over 12 months
  • Private Sale: 13.33%
  • 2-month cliff, followed by linear release over 12 months
  • Team and advisors: 18.67%
  • 6-month cliff, followed by linear release over 20 months

About Everlens

Everlens is building the bridges which enable traditional social media users to plug into the power of blockchain and NFT directly!

By doing so, Everlens will allow billions of social media users to unlock the immense untapped value hidden in the intimate, intangible relationship between content creators, influencers, and their communities.

From exclusive content to digital art, perpetual royalties, transferable VIP access, and more, NFTs allow these communities to bond and create real-world value in previously unimaginable ways.

Today we start with our NFT Marketplace for Instagram, targeting close to 1.4 billion Instagrammers! Tomorrow, Everlens will integrate TikTok, Tumblr, Pinterest,…! Monetization models for content creators and influencers are about to be transformed forever, and Everlens will be leading the way!

Everlens NFT Marketplace for Instagram — How does it work?

Packed with features, Everlens has created a user-friendly, one-stop-shop solution for Instagrammers to turn their posts into NFTs!

Instagram users can easily connect to our NFT Marketplace with their Instagram account and crypto wallet to start minting, bidding, buying, selling, and even sharing their items for sale with their respective communities.

Everlens secures a low-fee, frictionless and decentralized environment by building on top of Cardano, Solana, and BSC.

Join a growing Everlens community!

Connect with us via all our social media channels, as we will soon be coming out with more exciting news!


Connect your instagram account. Use your publications 🖼 to create, buy and sell NFT easily.