UPDATE — Everlens Is Getting Ready To Conquer Instagram

Dear community, (Dear Everlensers)

While we are diligently working towards our many goals, we would like to take a moment to share with you why we are so excited about what’s to come for Everlens and how we plan to disrupt the market and become the defacto NFT marketplace for Instagram!

At Everlens, we believe that the most powerful way to achieve viral growth and market penetration in the crypto space is to go where your customers are and provide them with the tools they actually need.

Right now, that location is still Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and alike. By handing over the keys to the NFT kingdom to those communities, we will enable billions of influencers and content creators to transform how they build communities and earn income.


Leading the charge with our NFT Marketplace for Instagram, we aim to tap into an existing user base of roughly 1.4 billion Instagrammers. With our solution operating on top of BSC, Solana, & Cardano, we are unleashing the ability for the entire Instagram ecosystem, including its content creators and celebrities, to monetize their content and brand simply by turning Instagram posts into NFTs.

From exclusive content to digital art, VIP access, and more, NFTs allow these communities to bond in previously unimaginable ways. Features like perpetual royalties will allow for ongoing income streams for all kinds of artists, incentivizing them to invest even more time, effort, and imagination into building the best experiences for their audiences.

For those among you following “EllioTrades”, you might have witnessed how the NEO TOKYO NFTs became an invaluable asset in the NFT space overnight, just by creating access! The potential value discovery for access to exclusive groups and branding is enormous. At the time of writing, Neo Tokyo Identities are trading at a cool 20 ETH. Instagrammers will soon discover how much their brand is worth one post turned NFT at a time!

How does this work?

Instagram users can easily connect to our NFT marketplace with their Instagram account and crypto wallet and start bidding, minting, buying, selling, and easily sharing their items for sale with their respective communities. Done right, the virality of what Everlens is about to offer is potentially off the charts.


Want to join our IDO? There is still time! The Everlens IDO is launching on the 22nd of November via the CardStarter launchpad.

Lastly, we also want to thank our community for your support and leave you with a teaser of what is to come! So, be sure to connect with us via all our social media channels, as we will soon be coming out with news about some very exciting partnerships with crypto influencers and specialized Instagram marketing agencies! We also heard there might be a new frontend for our platform release inching closer…? Stay tuned and keep coming back to our Medium for our latest community updates!